For those of you who haven’t experienced a Motorhome Holiday with Oulala in the past, we wanted to share with you some of the key differences between a vacation on 4 wheels, compared to a single location hotel, villa or camping holiday.
The whole concept of Oulala began because we tried something new…. Having always enjoyed the more traditional style of holiday in the past, all over the world, we decided to hit the open road in a luxury motorhome and see where our journey took us. Within days we were hooked… The freedom, the flexibility, the off the beaten track places that we discovered, the locals, the scenery – the whole trip was like nothing we’d experienced before.
To be able to explore to the extent we did, whilst still enjoying a luxury, comfortable and really practical base was incredible! We had our own privacy when we wanted it – but found sociable campsites that offered a community feel when we wanted to spend time with likeminded people – the perfect combination.
We undoubtedly visited parts of France and Europe that we would never have discovered had we have opted for our usual static holiday style. From the comfort of our motorhome we still enjoyed days at the beach, weekends exploring historic cities, routes that exposed us to some of the most breathtaking scenery and more… We fell in love with the people we met, and we fell in love with travelling in our home on 4 wheels. Camping car holidays were our new passion. A passion that we chose to share through the creation of Oulala!
We may still choose to embark on hotel or villa-based breaks again – the two types of holiday both offer so much, but for now, we’re all about the freedom!
The restrictions we’ve all be forced to face during the COVID-19 outbreak will make us view our freedom and the flexibility to travel with even more appreciation and gratitude. We’re sure many of you will feel the same too.
Whether you’re travelling with friends or family, a luxury motorhome holiday is a bit like treating yourself at the pick-and-mix…. Choose only your favourites… Plan a trip that combines everything you love and leave out the bits that make you pull a funny face in disgust. It’s the chance to embrace all the best bits, with none of the sour sweets or coffee flavoured chocolates if they’re not for you. Simply drive on past the locations that don’t ‘float your boat’ and embrace the areas that you love. If you love somewhere more than you expected, then stay a few more days – why not? You’re in the driving seat!
Add to your pick-and-mix selection the extras that you know your holiday crew will love – power kites, mountain bikes, electric scooters, luxury food and wine hampers and more…. This really is YOUR holiday YOUR way…. Embrace, explore and enjoy!