If you’re new to motorhome holidays or you’re trying a new motorhome rental company in France, it can be hard to know what’s included in the ‘rental’ cost…

Here at Oulala France Motorhome Rentals, we want to keep things as clear and simple as possible. What that means to you, our customers is that pretty much everything is included in the rental price you see on our website. If it is an ‘extra’, it’s clearly shown as an additional item or cost in our ‘Services & Rates’ section with visible pricing to enable you to select your preferred add-ons within your budget.

There is a lot to consider when booking any holiday, but when you’re booking a motorhome holiday there are some specific factors to take into account. These might be baby seats or child seats, additional drivers, insurance, bed linen, BBQs, outdoor furniture and more….

Many motorhome rental companies do not include the list of things above in their ‘rental’ costs – these items are ALL categorised as extra costs, making the attractive price you see on their website become a lot less appealing once you start adding on all these items – some of which are charged at several hundred Euros each!

That is not the approach we chose to take. We don’t want you to view one of our luxury motorhomes, get excited about your motorhome adventure, only to realise once you’ve added all the extras that it’s no longer a viable option. We’ve kept our pricing model transparent and straightforward – and we’re proud of it! Our unique pricing structure ensures that there aren’t any nasty surprises waiting for you once you’re ready to make your booking.

Need to add an additional driver? We thought you might, so that’s included in our vehicle hire cost.

Need a baby seat or child seat? Of course – no problem! We’re offering family holidays, so safety features such as travel seats are of course included in our initial pricing.

Need Sat Nav to get you around? That goes without saying (or it does at Oulala anyway). Sat Nav is included in the price of your motorhome – this isn’t the case with all rental companies.

Bed linen, cutlery, crockery, BBQ, outside furniture – you guessed it – they’re all supplied as part of the Oulala motorhome hire cost. We don’t expect you to sleep on bare beds and eat with your hands! We know you’ll want to make the most of the outdoors on your travels and what better way than to cook and eat outside using the BBQ and furniture sets that we’ve included in your rental price?

We even include a set of walkie-talkies with your motorhome. These little gadgets come in so handy when helping the driver reverse the vehicle or for when the kids want to go and explore the campsite or local area, but you want them to stay in contact. We’re pretty sure we’ve thought of everything!

So, what are the added extras that you would have to pay more for with an Oulala motorhome holiday?

As clearly shown in the ‘Services & Rates’ section of our website, our added extras are items that can be selected to enhance your adventure. They may not be suited to everyone, hence categorising them as add-on items, but there are lots of ways to personalise and tailor your experience.

We offer a variety of luxury hampers to kick start your holiday with a taste of France…. Choose from wine and cheese selections, breakfast hampers, champagne and more, and enjoy a feast of treats as soon as you step onboard your motorhome!

Maybe you want to add some excitement and adrenaline to your vacation? If so, we have a selection of outdoor equipment to choose from – mountain bikes, electric scooters, power kites, kayaks and more…. Select the items you know you’ll enjoy using and simply add them to your booking. Everything is clearly priced on our website.

If you don’t want to travel to our head office to collect your motorhome (where you would receive FREE parking for your vehicle for the duration of your motorhome hire) then we can arrange to meet you at one of the local airports and hand over your motorhome, with a full demonstration, as soon as you’ve stepped off the plane.

We’ve worked hard to design a motorhome rental experience that enables you to feel relaxed from the moment you start your holiday research. Our website also includes a vast selection of planned routes if you’d rather follow a set itinerary. If not, and you want to explore and see where your journey takes you, then we’ve provided plenty of research and information about some wonderful French villages, towns and cities to help you decided where to explore.

If you have any questions or queries, we’re here to chat… Visit our contact page at www.francemotorhomerentals.com/location/ or get in touch via:

Email: info@francemotorhomerentals.com

Phone UK: +44 (0) 7500 828858
Phone FRANCE: +33 (0)7 85 55 15 67

We look forward to helping you plan the perfect adventure on four wheels!

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