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Rental Agreement

The words of which the initial letter is capitalized have meanings defined under the following conditions.
The following definitions shall have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in singular or in plural.
For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions:
Affiliate means an entity that controls, is controlled by or is under common control with a party, where “control” means ownership of 50% or more of the shares, equity interest or other securities entitled to vote for election of directors or other managing authority.
Company (referred to as either “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this Agreement) refers to Oulala France Motorhome Rentals, 3 Rue Des Entrepeneurs, 19470.
Country refers to: France
Rental Agreement refers to Motorhome Rental Agreement Contract between the company and You, (the Renter)
Motorhome: A motorhome is a type of self-propelled recreational vehicle (RV) which offers living accommodation combined with a vehicle engine.
Booking refers to motorhome rental You purchase from Us.
Service refers to the Website.
Website refers to Oulala France Motorhome Rentals, accessible from
You means the individual accessing or using the Service, or the company, or other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using the Service, as applicable.

The Rental Agreement governing the use of Our motorhomes and Services, the agreement that operates between You and the Company. This Rental Agreement set out the rights and obligations of all users regarding the use of Our motorhomes and Services.
Your access to drive and use Our motorhome is conditioned on Your acceptance of and compliance with Our Rental Agreement. Our Rental Agreement applies to all drivers, and to You who made the Booking.
By placing a Booking through the Service, You warrant that You legally capable of entering into binding contracts.

Motorhome Conditions

1) You acknowledge having received Our motorhome in a clean condition and with all the features working.
2) All motormomes are non-smoking.
3) You will return Our motorhome in a clean condition, with the same amount of fuel at the pick-up.
4) You will return Our motorhome with all the features operating in a normal way.
5) You will return Our motorhome on the return date, time and location established in the Rental Agreement. Failure to meet these criteria will result in additional charges to You according to the Our price table.
6) Damage, loss or stolen motorhome keys, You will incur the full cost of replacement.

Motorhome Equipment
Any Motorhome equipment (third-party manufacture) such as refrigerator, freezer, solar panel, television, satellite, cooker, air-conditioning, or remote controls. We cannot be held responsible for any failure or malfunction in the components in this equipment.  Severe hot weather conditions can affect the working of the refrigerator and freezer. Other weather conditions such as thunderstorms and heavy rain can affect the TV signal and stop satellite or smart TV use.

A refund is not permissible in the event of equipment failure.
We will not be responsible for any loss of food or beverages lost during an equipment failure.

1) You acknowledge having received rented extras in a clean condition and with all the features working.
2) Any loss or damage in rented extras, equipment or spare parts, will be fully charged to You according to Our price table.
3) You must read, familiarise and comply with all safety warning and information notices applicable to all extra equipment rented.
4) You must wear or use the personnel protective equipment recommended for each extra equipment rented.
5) You must comply with the regulations in force in the country you choose to visit.
6) We do not accept any responsibility resulting in personal injury form the use of Our extra equipment rented.

1) A valid vehicle driver’s license, ID or Passport and credit card (Visa or Mastercard) are required and must be presented upon Your motorhome collection.
2) You must sign of the rental agreement.
3) If You do not bring the necessary documents, the motorhome cannot be rented and regular no show fee will apply.
4) You hold a valid license including the photo card to drive in Europe.
5) You should be 21 years or older.
6) The credit card owner must be present at the motorhome collection.

a) You shall take all reasonable steps to properly maintain the Vehicle, including checking oil, coolant and AdBlue levels, tyre pressures and batteries. AdBlue only applies to 2019 Ford models and all 2020 models
b) You are aware that the Vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of diesel, AdBlue and a full tank of gas and that it is my responsibility to replenish these throughout my hire and return these all full otherwise charges will apply. Oulala will not be held responsible should I run out of any of these during my hire
c) You acknowledge that Oulala will reimburse you for expenditure up to UK £250.00 reasonably incurred in rectifying any mechanical failure to the drive train and engine of the Vehicle (not including the water system, refrigerator, heating, audio and DVD equipment, provided that:
i. You produce relevant receipts: and
ii. You have received the prior consent of Oulala France Motorhome Rentals
iii. The damage is not due to my fault or my breach of This Agreement
d) Subject to the terms of This Agreement, you will pay for the cost of repairing or replacing tyres damaged during the Rental Period.Oulala will reimburse you for expenditure reasonably incurred if:
i. The tyre is defective and is returned by you to Oulala for inspection; and
ii. You produce relevant receipts; and
iii. The manufacturer accepts liability under his warranty
iv. CDW was taken out
e) You will be liable for any costs associated with allowing the engine oil, coolants or AdBlue (2019 Ford models and all 2020 models) to run empty and cause damage to the Vehicle’s engine
f) You will be liable for any costs associated with the incorrect use of fuel. All Oulala motorhomes run on DIESEL

1) You agree that, during the Rental Period, the motorhome will not be:
a) Driven by an unidentified person or any other person that is not mentioned in the rental agreement.
b) Driven in an inconsiderate and dangerous way.
c) Driven by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
d) Left with the key inside the motorhome, while unoccupied.
e) Damaged by submersion in water, contact with salt water, driving through flooded areas, beach driving and dirt roads.
f) Used for any race, contest or any illegal activities.
g) Used to tow any motorhome or vehicles.
h) Used to carry passengers or property for hire or reward.
i) Used to carry more passengers than what is permitted by law.
j) Used to carry volatile liquids, gases, explosives or other corrosive or inflammable material.
k) Used for the purpose of transporting and haulage goods other then what might be reasonably expected of a leisure rental.
l) Install accessories and advertising or commercial mentions.

Any consequence that results from the points above will not be Our responsibility.

2) You acknowledges that We retain the title to the motorhome at all times and shall not agree, attempt, offer or purport to sell, sub-let, lend or mortgage the motorhome to any other party.
3) You should not make any alterations or additions to the motorhome, without prior written consent from Us.
4) You should take all reasonable steps to properly maintain the motorhome, including, daily checks of the Oil, Water and Batteries, and will contact Us if motorhome warning lights indicate any potential malfunction.
5) Any electrical devices (including the fridge/freezer) cannot be connected to the battery for more than 4 hours in a row, without charging the motorhome battery every day in camping places or in other 220V sources.
6) The present agreement will be automatically revoked and the booking will be cancelled without any need of judicial intervention, if the motorhome is used in any terms that constitute a violation of the present agreement. Additionally, We reserve the right to recover the motorhome, at any time, without previous notice, and You will be held responsible for all the charges involved.

1) You are allowed to bring dogs under certain conditions:
a) A Dog Fee of €75 will be charged for cleaning.
b) A maximum of two dogs are allowed.
2) It is Your responsibility to guarantee that his/her dog travels in safety and according to the local and European regulations.
3) We will not be liable for any traffic tickets or legal fees related to carry the dog inside the motorhome.
4) The Pet Fee only covers the cleaning of the motorhome after the rental. You are responsible for any and all damages (interior and exterior) caused by Your dog.
5) Any other pets will need to be agreed by Us at the time off booking, and will be governed by the above .

1) Any problems associated with the motorhome, including equipment failure, must be reported immediately in order to give Us the opportunity to rectify the problem during the rental. Failure to do so will compromise Us responsibility. Please contact Us before you call Breakdown Road Assistance, and Our staff will help you to manage the situation.
2) Breakdown Road Assistance covers any technical or mechanical malfunction of the motorhome arising from a manufacturing or material fault that directly renders the part concerned unfit for operation during the warranty period.
3) Please note that the following are not covered by Breakdown Road Assistance, and tow/relocation expenses will be charged to You:
a) The motorhome running out of fuel.
b) The keys being locked inside the motorhome, damaged (e.g. humidity in the key), or lost and stolen.
c) Discharged batteries caused by incorrect usage and/or incorrect usage of any equipment that requires batteries to operate.
d) Motorhome stranded off-road or in a dirt road.
e) A breakdown caused by wilful neglect.
f) Assistance to change a flat tire.
4) We provides 24hr Breakdown Assistance support, outside office hours some delays may occur.
5) In case of any malfunction, You are not allowed to make repairs or alterations to the van, unless authorized by Us and following exact instructions.
6) In the event of motorhome immobilization due to mechanical breakdown, or accident, and if it is not possible to repair on-site, We shall send a tow truck to drive the motorhome and You to the closest workshop or rental depot.

We do not accept any liability for personal injuries sustained during the rental period, and recommends that no valuable items should be left in the motorhome, out in the open, while You are away from the motorhome. We are not responsible for any belongings lost or stolen during the rental period, neither for any damages in the morhome due to vandalism/theft, accidental or weather damages.

1. The rental motorhome is insured against third party vehicles and property damage.
2. The insurance is valid in the following 32 European countries:
Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

a) The motorhome can only be driven in these countries, driving in other countries other than the ones mentioned above constitutes a violation of the agreement and We cannot be liable for any damage, malfunction or other issue that happens outside the countries where insurance is valid.
b) You are liable for any reparation costs and/or relocation of the motorhome and any other administrative costs, charges, fees and fine(s) We incurred as a result of that unauthorized use. We have the right to charge You a penalty of 500€ (five hundred euros) for each day the motorhome is used in a country where the insurance is not valid.
c) The motorhome is only insured covered during the contract stipulated duration. We cannot be liable for any damage outside the rental duration, You will be liable.
d) You are responsible for any damage incurred while in possession of the motorhome, up to the amount of the security deposit. All the Insurance options and security deposit only cover the first accident, incident or new damage, not each rental. In case of more than one damage, incident or accident during the rental period, You are responsible for the full repair costs of each additional damage. To cover the costs of any possible damages, We will block the full amount of the security deposit on the credit card associated to You.
e) If You breach any of the conditions of the clauses in the rental agreement, any insurance option will be voided, and You will be responsible for the total cost of all damages.
f) Side mirrors and roof windows (skylights) are not included.
g) Tyres and wheels are not covered under the insurance.

In the event of accident or motorhome damage, You agree to the following procedures:
1) Immediately notify Us and police authorities of any accident, theft, robbery or other incident(s).
2) Take pictures and obtains names and addresses of all persons involved as well as witnesses, which can witness what happened.
3) Fill the accident report, together with other vehicles that may be involved.
4) You shall not leave the motorhome without taking all measures regarding its protection and safety.
5) You shall not take any responsibility or plead guilty, in the event of an accident that might hold Us liable.
6) Collect the accident report signed by all parties involved and the documents prepared by the police authorities, along with the motorhome keys, if retained (in case of motorhome theft) and send it immediately to Us. Otherwise, all insurances and coverage’s will expire, and You will be liable for all expenses. It is imperative that You notify Us immediately on any remedial damage so we can make immediate repairs upon return. Example mirror replacement, bumper damage, windscreen damage, wheel scratches, lens damage. Failure to notify Us of this type of damage will cause delay to the next customer and You will be liable for the cost of each day the rental motorhome is delayed or waiting for parts.

You acknowledge You are responsible for all costs of the following damages, irrespective of the Insurance that may have been taken. Damage identified below is specifically excluded from any Insurance Option:
a) Any damage to the motorhome, when in breach of a clause in the contract.
b) Any damage caused by wilful conduct, influence of alcohol, drugs or any substance that reduces driving ability.
c) Any loss/damages/stolen personal belongings.
d) If You are careless or negligent behaviour of any kind or fails to abide by local road rules, resulting in damages to the motorhome, or third-party property.
e) The cost to retrieve or recover the motorhome from any restricted area, submerged, trapped, or abandoned.
f) The cost to replace keys, which have become damaged, lost, stolen, or locked inside the motorhome.
g) Drivers not identified in the Rental Contract, or Drivers with a cancelled/expired driver’s license.
h) For any cost associated with the incorrect use of fuel.
i) All damages under the motorhome’s body or above the windscreen line, if there is no collision with third parties.
j) All damages caused by hitting an animal while driving.

1) The motorhome must be returned at the date, time and location specified in the rental agreement.

a) In order to change date/time, You must first obtain authorisation from Our Reservations staff. Charges will apply, and the reservations staff will communicate the amount.
b) The fee applies to all cases, irrespective of the reasons behind change.
c) If We do not confirm the changes via email, You must comply with the contract location and drop-off date and time.
2) Failure to obtain authorization and deliver the motorhome at the hours agreed in the Rental Contract will result in an extra fee of the rental rate, to be paid immediately upon the drop-off.
3) If the motorhome is returned in a different place from the one contracted in the Rental Agreement, You are responsible for all the loss of revenue and damages caused to Us.
4) If the motorhome is not returned to one of Our employees, You are liable for all losses or damages including motorhome theft or robbery.
5) Mororhome equipment: All motorhomes are provided with kitchen utensils, cleaning equiptment and bedding, BBQ Coffee Machine exterior Table and Chairs or any item that is listed on the check list for the Motorhome provided and in case of not returning the motorhome equipment and/or rental extras in the same conditions as they were handed, a fee will be applied according to the value of the item(s).
6) A €75.00 cleaning fee will be charged if the motorhome is not returned in a clean condition in the interior (absence of rubbish, sand, mud or any other waste) and exterior, with the wastewater tank empty, empty chemical toilet, kitchen utensils cleaned.
7) If the motorhome is not returned with the same fuel level as the pick-up, You will be charged a refill + €50.00 refilling charge.

1) A security deposit of €2500 (Low profile) and €3000 (A – Class Integrated Executive Motorhome) can only be paid by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), and the credit card owner must be present at the pick-up. At the motorhome delivery, You are required to pay the security deposit. This amount will be held in the customer’s credit card to ensure the excess payment in the event of robbery or accident and any other vehicle damage during the rental period.
2) If the security deposit amount is not authorized by the Bank or by the credit card owner, the contract cannot be executed and the motorhome cannot be delivered. In this case, the regular cancelation policy will apply and the full booking amount will be charged to You. The security deposit will be returned to You at the end of the rental period, after an inspection by a member of Our staff, who shall state the motorhome is in similar conditions compared to when it was collected.
3) Motorhome damage and equipment/extras damage costs will be charged according to Our price table. You will also be liable for the nights not rented during the motorhome reasonable repair time, according to the damage.
4) In case of an accident where You do not consider yourself responsible, We will hold the full amount of the security deposit until the insurance company states the responsibility.
5) If the damage repair costs cannot be determined immediately, We will hold the full amount of the security deposit. A portion of the excess can be refunded in case the final damage repair costs are lower than the amount paid.
6) You agree that We are authorized to charge the credit card on file for any further amounts that may arise such as wild camping, parking tickets, fines, traffic offence penalties, tolls, damages to the motorhome (interior or exterior) and overdue amounts. We are entitle to verify any of the damages to the motorhome for 30 days after the last day of the rental agreement. Fines will be charged as of the total cost of the fine, plus VAT tax and an administrative fee of €50.
7) You must provide Us with an alternative credit card that can be used to meet Your obligations under Our Terms and Conditions, in case of insufficient funds, declined transactions for any reason, and cancelled or suspended credit card.
8) All unpaid invoices will be added interest, which is the highest legal rate plus a flat fee, corresponding to 20% of the unpaid amount and any compensation for occurred damages / lost profits due by law. In the event of a legal dispute somehow related with this contract, the parties agree that the jurisdiction of the pick-up location will be applied.

1) This agreement constitutes the entire arrangement between Us and You, and there are no other oral undertakings, warranties or arrangements. Any charges are calculated in accordance with the Agreement and respective Terms and Conditions.
2) When Booking and paying the initial deposit, You automatically agreed with Our Terms and Conditions.
3) You assure that all information supplied in relation with this agreement is truthful.

1) For any reason outside Our responsibility, such as a delay by the previous renter, accident, theft, breakdown, or any other situation that compromise the delivery of the motorhome previously reserved, it is not possible to proceed to the delivery on the stipulated date or time, We can:
a) Provide You with a similar category or model. The brand, design or colour may vary.
b) Provide You a full refund of the amount paid, and no other additional compensation.

If you have any questions about the Rental Agreement, You can contact us:
1. By email:
2. By visiting this page on our website: