The spread of the Coronavirus and the restrictions put on travel across the globe have caused stress and worry for all businesses, especially those in the travel sector. As a recently launched business, we too were concerned what COVID19 would mean for Oulala.

We approached the situation positively and proactively, doing all we could to protect our customers and our staff. Not only have we followed official guidance when it comes to virus control, but we have gone one step further to reassure our customers that their motorhomes are hygienically clean and safe for their use.

Between each booking we use hospital grade detergent to clean our vehicles. All upholstery is thoroughly steam cleaned and linen is sent away to be washed by our professional laundry supplier, who use high temperatures and commercial detergent. All cutlery and crockery is dishwasher cleaned at high temperatures. In addition to these necessary measures, we have also invested in a UV light to expose any germs that might have been missed on the initial deep clean. These are then removed, leaving a beautifully clean motorhome ready for your use.

We also replace all water hoses and install fresh water bottles between each booking. Our motorhomes come with hand soap, sanitiser gel and antibacterial surface wipes – ready for your use, providing further peace of mind.

While group events and locations are being banned, closed or approached with caution, now is an ideal time to enjoy a motorhome holiday with Oulala. Explore France, see all it has to offer, but all from the safe haven of your holiday home on wheels. No cross-contamination with members of the public and fellow holiday-goers accessing your space and no need for hotel staff to step foot in your motorhome.

Your Oulala motorhome is exclusively yours – which has been a huge plus point to many of our clients in recent weeks.

To find out more about our coronavirus precautionary measures or about booking a motorhome holiday with Oulala, please visit our website at

Don’t let COVID19 ruin your holiday plans this spring and summer. Booking a camping car vacation with Oulala. #ForTheLoveOfFrance